Wednesday, July 8, 2015

English Assembly

Today Govt.Higher Secondary School Kottodi showed off a remarkable English Assembly. The assembly was conducted by the students of standard VII B as part of their language learning.The participants planned and worked well and were able to manage it profoundly.

Krishnendu K. V. of VII B was all in all and she herself anchored the assembly.Prasanth master helped Krishnenthu in giving commands to the children.
'Thought of the day' was presented by Amisha.


The assembly was started with  prayer by Sharika,Reshma,Krishnenthu,Sherin and Amisha.


Ananthu K. Achari administered the pledge to the students.

Sherin spoke on the importance of the proverb  "Time and tide waits for no man".
Arunima Gangadharan of 10 A introduced The poet of the week.She recalled the memories of the Indian English writer KamalaDas.

The assembly was concluded with the headlines of the day presented by Rose Jo Thomas of 9A

Headmaster Mr.Shaji Philip addressed the students. In his speech, he stressed the relevance of English language learning.

 National Anthem

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